Rainbow Starlight

Core Values


Honesty and communication are core principles. In honest trade with transparent communication, everyone wins.


Rainbow Starlight supports social change through non-violent means and condemns all forms of violence. Violence only escalates and increases hatred. We condemn police brutality. We condemn riots. There are better ways to make communities better places for people and businesses.


We aim to create a product that demonstrates our passion and commitment to each and every project. Our Quality Assurance personnel follow every step of the production process to ensure the best experience.


Rainbow Starlight supports a diverse workforce as it grows. We recognize differences between people and acknowledge that these differences are valued assets. Our diversity makes us stronger.


Rainbow Starlight is a super fun place to work! Playing games in the late afternoon is only a small part of it. The larger fun is that we are here because we are passionate about gaming, and love what we do.